Food Review- Tosh’s Ramen in Salt Lake City

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the food I had 😦

Today I went to Tosh’s Ramen to try out their noodle dishes as some of my friends have been there recently and they seemed to enjoy their food tremendously. Upon my arrival at around 7pm,   I have found extreme difficulty locating parking spots as the slot was full for quite some time. So I parked my car nearby its neighborhood and walked for about 5 minutes before reaching Tosh’s. Today is the Utes vs Stanford football game so I figured there might be less people in the restaurant. How wrong I was! There were plenty of people waiting in line so I quickly left my name on their waitlist paper. I cannot imagine other days when there are no events going on! There was nobody greeting us as we walked into the restaurant but I thought it was quite intuitive to leave my name and hope that they will call me in as they have opening. The atmosphere was alright and the inside of the restaurant was quite stuffy and full of aroma of their food (not necessarily smells good). My friend and I waited for about 15 minute and the owner finally called us. The selection of food was quite limited so I decided to try to their curry pork ramen, which is a classic ramen dish served in Japan.  Given that  I had the opportunities to travel to Japan for quite many times in the past and I grew up in Hong Kong where ramen and Japanese food are all over the place. I have quite high of an expectation for their ramen noodles. Unfortunately I was not impressed with their ramen. I thought the ramen noodle was good as it gave a chewy texture that is different from the traditional ramen you can get from the Chinese market. However, the pork was very soggy as it has been soaked in the soup for quite some time. The portion of the pork is very small and I don’t think that I got a full slice of their pork! There was half an egg and some fried veggie that came with the curry ramen, which did not taste fresh. I was also disappointed that there was no seaweed :(. Their broth was quite disappointing as the curry tasted like the ones I have gotten in the grocery store. It was salty and very sweet overall. I do not mean to make their food sound terrible but I wish it was more authentic.

One thing that I do like from Tosh’s Ramen is their lower price and their environment. It is definitely a hang out place for college students and family. The owner and staff are very friendly. Given its low price, I do think that it is worth it if you would like to try Japanese ramen in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately I think that their food is very “Americanized”. Again, I have only tried one of their dishes. I will definitely go again and experience other dishes in the future.


Overall: 3.4/5.0

Food: ***







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