Food Review- Panda Express in Sugar House

Today I decided to go to the Panda Express at Sugar House to get some quick food to eat after my daily gym workout. I enjoy this Panda Express because their staff are very friendly and their food are quite decent. I really like their teriyaki chicken without sauce and their broccoli beef. It gives a good combination of macronutrients that are bodybuilding friendly without overwhelming my system with excess fat and salt.  Note that you should not get the sauce for the Teriyaki chicken because it is very sweet and contains a lot of salt that will make you retain a lot of water weight. The food is considered decent because it is a very Americanized Chinese restaurant. The chicken is tender without a lot of rich flavor. You can actually taste the chicken if you do not get the Teriyaki sauce. The broccoli is fresh and it does not have a lot of oil on it. One thing I do have to complain is the lack of beef on their “Beef and Broccoli”. I can only find two very small pieces of beef.  In addition, I never truly enjoyed their orange chicken and Beijing beef as those are very too sour and sweet for my palate. Nevertheless, it is a very large portioned size meal that kept me full for hours. It is also very inexpensive and their staff are very nice to talk to. For a two item combination meal plus drink, I spent about 10 dollars.  The parking is also decent around the complex. However, this place can get extremely busy after 5 pm during the week. One time I have to stand there for 45 minutes to get my food! Overall I think this Panda Express is above average and it is better than the other ones I have been to from other cities.

Overall: 3.5/5.0

Food: ****






2017-10-08 14.06.37

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