Farewell Party for Emily

It is that time of the year again. My cousin is going to serve a LDS mission to Taipei, Taiwan. She will be leaving to the Provo Missionary Training Center for the LDS church this Wednesday 10/26/2016. For those of you who don’t know, she will be staying in Taiwan for 1.5 years and speak the language of Mandarin. While she is there, she will be doing a lot of humanitarian work along with promoting the work of Christ. She will also get extensive experiences teaching students who wish to learn English as a second language. I am so excited for Emily as I think that this is  the greatest time in her life to explore what the world has to offer! (Some time I wish that I have served a mission when I was young, but again, I travelled to the United States at that time for education ;).)

On Sunday, we had a farewell party at my aunt’s place. In general, these pre-missionaries will give a talk at their local church to reflect upon their decision on serving a religious mission. For Emily, she gave a talk in the morning at a church nearby my Aunt’s place, where she considers home ward. Unfortunately, due to the amount of patient load at the hospital, I was not able to attend her farewell talk. (Don’t judge, I have a lot of patients lives to save!) However, I heard that she did really well and everyone applauded for her excellent speech on a Sunday morning. I am proud of her.

In the afternoon, I arrived at my Aunt’s place at around 3pm. I was bombarded with the amount of food and drinks my aunt has prepared since the beginning of the weekend.  There were ham, assorted cheese, salad, drinks, and fancy desserts. While I was looking for Emily, I realized that there were a lot of people who wished to talk to her! His brother and sister in law have visited from Arizona. Uncle and Aunt form Nevada.  Friends and neighbors from many parts of the US. I was impressed how popular she is! I enjoyed my food while Emily continues to socialize with them and I patiently waited for my turn ;). Once she was free,  we shared much conversation together as a family. Lawrence, Tim, Matthew, Aunt Stella, Uncle Kevin, Wayna, Ernest. It was truly a fun memory to have.

We took some pictures together. We chatted about life. But most importantly, we spent time as a family together.

At about 7pm in the afternoon, it is about time for us to go as we have work and school early tomorrow morning. We all exchanged hugs as we slowly departed from my Aunt’s house. In the end, I wished her good luck as she opens up a new chapter of her life. I think she will be one of the best missionary out there as she is always cheerful, hardworking, and sincere.

Emily, Good luck and have fun in Taiwan! It will be one of the most exciting journey in your life! See you in a year and half and keep learning Mandarin! Do not forget to send me weekly emails 😉

2016-10-23 16.38.58.jpgLovely food prepared by my aunt Stella.download_20161023_211650.jpgFamily photo

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